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The new frontiers of freedom ( Botuar nga: Botime Artini në 2021 )

Owing to the disturbed conditions which prevailed throughout most of southeastern Europe during the summer and autumn of 1919, the journey recorded in the following pages could not have been taken bad in not been for the active cooperation of the Goverbments through whose territories we traveled and the assistance afforded by their officials and by the officers of their armies and navies to say nothing of the hospitality shown us by American diplomatic and consular representatives, relief - workers and others.

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Detajet e Librit

  • Shtëpia Botuese: Botime Artini (2021)
  • Botuar në: 2021
  • Gjuha e publikimit: Anglisht
  • ISBN-13: 9789951280785
  • Formati: me kapak të hollë
  • Nr. faqe: 210
  • Përmasat e librit: 138 x 205 x 20 mm

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E. Alexander Powell -

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