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2000 Lekë

Narrative of travels in Europe, Asia and Africa ( Botuar nga: Artini në 2021 )

Autori:  Evliya Efendi

The narrative of an Asiatic traveller, enthusiastically fond of seeing foreign countries, and unwearied in his investigation of their history, condition, and institutions, is in itself so great a singularity, and so deserving of attention, that no apology seems requisite for thus presenting Evliya Efendi in an English dress: and the name of the Ritter von Hammer, by whom this work was abridged and translated, is a sufficient voucher for its intrinsic merit and the accuracy of the version.

Çmimi: 2000 Lekë
Blije këtë produkt
2000 Lekë

Detajet e Librit

  • Shtëpia Botuese: Artini (2021)
  • Botuar në: 2021
  • Gjuha e publikimit: Shqip
  • ISBN-13: 9789951280846
  • Formati: me kapak të hollë
  • Nr. faqe: 465
  • Përmasat e librit: 135 x 195 x 40 mm

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Evliya Efendi -

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