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Help yourself to Albanian cooking ( Botuar nga: Elve në 2016 )

Autori:  Tatjana Sini
Përkthyesi:  Enri ProdaniAlkida Prodani- Sini

While in Tirana, Albania, teaching English and Bible Word English Institute, I had an opportunity to stay with two different families.While with the first family, I was thrilled and excited about how wonderful the food was! I thought the cook of the family must surely meals, but I was mistaken. During the course of my stay, many students invited me into their homes for meals that were equally wonderful! The last two summers were spent with a family that also served fine foods especially prepared. Upon inquiring, I learned there were no written cookbooks for English speaking cooks. So, how to get the recipies as few Albanian cooks spoke English. Near the end of my stay in 1998, a close friend invited others and me of our teaching staff over for dinner one Sunday afternoon. She served appetizers, than soup, etc. and three hours later finished with the last desert and a specially brewed coffee. She had prepared a seven-course dinner for nine people with the help of her daughter, Alkida, who was a student of W.E.I. It was absolutely marvelous! When I asked her for recipies she said they were not written - only passed down to her by her family with some of her own creations. We talked then, through an interpreter, of a cookbook in English so her recipies could be shared with us in America. The more we talked, the more excited we become! We were anxious to get started. I returned to be the United States and she began working. I have prepared many Albanian dishes, sharing them with friends who were delighted with the healthy, nutritious special blend of flavors, uniquely Albanian. Tatiana and I hope you will be delighted as well! Phyllis Carter, Oregon USA

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Detajet e Librit

  • Shtëpia Botuese: Elve (2016)
  • Botuar në: 2016
  • Gjuha e publikimit: Anglisht
  • ISBN-13: 978 99956 12 81 8
  • Formati: me kapak të hollë
  • Nr. faqe: 104
  • Përmasat e librit: 145 x 209 x 8 mm

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